The editing process for a Wedding Film is very different to Photography and very intricate hence the reason it takes longer to get your films, a story is crafted, every single shot is properly colour graded and hours spent choosing the right audio & music for your film.

Delivery of your wedding films is approximately 10-12 weeks this can be longer in busy periods, I am always reluctant to put an exact date/time on when your films will be delivered because sometimes I like to make last minute changes or am super busy with filming other weddings (summer time) and would never want to rush your films that you will watch for a lifetime.

Below is an editing queue to see where you are currently in the queue (if you are at the top your films are next to be delivered), I work in a chronological order to keep things simple.

Hollie & Harry – Wedding Date May 6th 2023 

Marissa & Oleskii – Wedding Date 8th May 2023

Neil & Lianna – Wedding Date 13th May 2023

Haley & Steve – Wedding Date 18th May 2023

Mark & Emma – Wedding Date 20th May 2023

Helen & Ryan – Wedding Date 206th May 2023

Sarah & Nick – Wedding Date 27th May 2023

Clare & Gareth – Wedding Date 30th May 2023