Small Wedding Packages


The focus is on you as a couple capturing your special day. This is a story of not only your wedding, but that of your journey and life together. Your unique relationship, values and future hopes brought to life in both colour and film.

At its core a wedding is a celebration of two people in love, strip away the guests, the decor, the food and you are left with just the couple, their story, their words to each other and their love as a couple.

Having had the pleasure of filming some truly intimate weddings consisting of 18 people and even 7 people, it truly is a unique experience for everyone involved and these type of weddings always hold a special place in my heart.

My style of videography fits perfectly with small intimate weddings and elopements, my whole ethos on your wedding day is to be as discreet as possible, I use minimal equipment to allow me just to blend into the background and allow you as a couple to enjoy the day how it should be.

Using a minimal approach also allows me just to step back and observe the day so when it comes to creating your final film I can tell your story as a couple in the best way I can.

Elopement Wedding Film


If you are having a Small Wedding or Elopement Wedding and would like to discuss how a video can work for you, then just get in contact below and I can tell all about how I work on smaller weddings and most importantly what you would like and have planned.

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